Copper Products Dept/BU

Oxygen-free copper wire size∮8mm ~ ∮0.025mm

>>Oxygen free high coductivity Copper Rod, Wire, Fine wire for lead wire, Diodes, Coils, Resistors, Capacitors, Electric inductance, Patch filters, Oscillator, ETC Bare, Tinned copper wire specially for signal, digital transmission cable.

Wire&Cable Dept / BU

Buncher, Insulator, Pair twister, Assembler, Braider, Jacket extruder, ETC, in line process equipment to meet manufacturing and quality requirement.
>>Application of products scope covering power transmission, Signal & Digital transmission,Telecommunication, Power cord, Lan cable, Auto industry, Medical appliance, ETC

Precision Metal Press/BU

Vertical Axle Type

HighSpeed Precision MetalPress Machine

Tool And Mould Dept / BU

Japan's MITSUBISHI wire cutting machine and other precision machines
>>Metal press & Plastic injection, Tool & Mould from our R&D

Composite Mylar Al foil Manufacturing/BU

>>All kinds of insulation Composite Mylar Al. foil

Plastic Dept / BU

Plastic Injection / BU

HighSpeed Injection Molding Machine

Connector & Cable Assembly Dept/ BU